About MFMA

Introduction of MFMA


Macao Facility Management Association (MFMA) was founded on March 16, 2009, by the first batch of Facility Management Professional (FMP) of Macao SAR.

Patriotism and loves Macao, supports the scientific governance and principles and policies of the Macao SAR Government!

Our mission statements:
➢ To cohere all Facilities Management academics and practitioners;
➢ To help promote and develop Facilities Management and improve the quality of leadership and professionalism through education, collaboration and sharing of information;
➢ To create future business opportunities.

Presently we have 26 executive members who are volunteers working for MFMA. In line with our development, we continued to recruit new members. Eligibility criteria for our professional members must have the qualification of Facility Management Professional (FMP) after passing the FM course examination co-organized by Macau Management Association and Labour Bureau of Macau with curriculum materials from IFMA, and translated into Chinese by Labour Bureau of China. This professional qualification is approved and recognized by relevant organizations and institutions in US, China and Macao SAR.

Since the founding of MFMA, we are actively promoting FM in Macao. With full support of Macao Management Association, our members have the opportunity to facility management-related courses as a mentor; participate in training FM practitioners, to enhance and to create conditions for improving FM professional standards in Macao's SAR.